How Does Dysport® Work?

Dysport® is a prescription anti-wrinkle injection designed to target frown lines for up to five months. Without altering the surrounding face, or preventing normal facial expression, Dysport® smooths these lines for a natural, youthful look. Results are observable just a few days after your first treatment, and the treatment itself is a simple 10-20 minute procedure done in our Alpharetta Med Spa office with no downtime.

How Do Frown Lines Form?

The formation of lines and wrinkles in the face are caused by a myriad of circumstances, both internal and external. External factors include sun damage, smoking, and rough handling of the facial skin (for example, sleeping on your face). 

Internal factors include the natural aging process, during which the production of skin elastin and collagen slows down. As we age, the facial skin becomes thinner and dryer, especially around the eye area. Another internal factor is repetitive muscle movement. Over time, every expression on our face  can speed the formation of facial lines around the mouth and brow. As the skin ages and loses collagen, the results of these contractions become more marked and permanent. 

What Are The Benefits of Dysport®?

Dysport® is an ideal treatment for clients who are looking for a smoothing of harsh lines between the eyebrows. Benefits of this remarkable treatment include: simple and fast treatment sessions, visible results in just 2-3 days, and results that are both natural and long-lasting.

What Is Dysport?

Because Dysport® is designed for use on frown lines (“glabellar lines” or “eleven lines”) the treatment won’t alter the rest of your face. You will still be able to smile and likewise express yourself as usual. The bottom line is, you’ll look just like you...just without frown lines!

Dysport® is a prescription injectable treatment that utilizes a form of botulism toxin. When applied by one of our medical professionals, it will effectively and temporarily paralyze the muscle movements that cause frown lines.

Some common side effects of Dysport® include headaches and pain at the injection site. Our Med Spa professionals will go over these and any other possible side effects during your consultation.


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