What Is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is just as the name applies. It is taking fat from one area of the body and using it somewhere else to plump up or smooth out an area. Fat transfer has been used in the medical field for well over a century but has only become popular for aesthetic purposes in recent years.

Our experienced medical professionals at our Alpharetta Med Spa utilizes the BeautiFill™ treatment by Alma Lasers. This liposuction technology allows us to retrieve over 95% viable and quality fat for injection.

What Treatments Use Fat Transfer?

Medical professionals use advanced harvesting techniques to replace synthetic substances that many procedures offer. For instance, fat cells may be transferred from around the navel area and transferred to the breasts to increase volume and shape the bust more. Another popular use is injecting the fat as a filler to the face to fill in deep wrinkles and give a smoother look. 

A popular treatment for men is abdomen sculpting. The fat is taken from the thigh or buttocks area and injected to shape the Rectus Abdominis muscles. Used alongside a skin tightening treatment, a defined 6-pack can be obtained.

The Method Of Getting The Fat

The older liposuction methods used a process that took a lot longer than today’s technology allows, and also yielded less viable and quality fat than the liposuction methods of today. With the process that we use today, we are able to retrieve over 95% viable and quality fat for injection. There is no refining of the fat needed, yielding faster results and quality injections that can be used immediately.

How Long Does The Fat Transfer Procedure Take?

The amount of time that a fat transfer takes largely depends on the amount of fat that is being harvested. For example, if we have harvesting 100cc’s to be used on the face, the entire treatment time from start to finish will be under an hour. Transferring large volumes of fat could take up to two hours. 

Our Med Spa staff will discuss how long they expect your procedure to take during your initial consultation. 

What Is The Recovery Time After a Fat Transfer?

Recovery time for a fat transfer procedure varies based on where the fat was taken from and how much was taken. Small amounts, such as for the face, require no downtime. Larger volumes of fat transfer may take up to a full day of recovery.


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