The skincare experts at PCA SKIN have spent over twenty-five years developing and perfecting effective peels that treat all skin types and skin conditions safely.  PCA SKIN peels leave behind glowing results without the downtime that many traditional chemical peels cause. 

Specially designed formulas reduce surface lines, smooth skin texture, treat discoloration, and clear blemishes. 

Our expert aestheticians at our Alpharetta Med Spa will begin your skincare session by first accessing your skin to determine your ideal combination of PCA SKIN treatments and products that will dramatically improve your skins overall health. 

What you’re left with after PCA SKIN treatments is firmer, tighter, brighter skin and a beautiful complexion

Will I Experience Any Downtime With a PCA SKIN Peel?

Unlike traditional chemical peels, there is little to no downtime with PCA. Your skin will be a bit shinier than normal and you may have a small amount of erythema / redness and flaking. While you may not want anyone to see you until the redness and slight flaking has gone away, you are able to return to your normal schedule immediately following treatment.

PCA SKIN Post-Treatment Care

You may experience a small amount of redness for up to 12 hours after your peel. Some people also experience light flaking for 3 to 5 days. Your skin will feel “pulled” and tighter, even if you didn’t peel during the treatment. Our aestheticians will provide you with a Home Care sheet, but these post-treatment care tips will help you as well. 

If you use any type of medication skincare cream or oils, ask your technician how long you should wait prior to using post treatment.. 

Allow your skin to rest overnight. If you must apply makeup, stay as minimal as possible. 

Avoid being in the direct sun or in excessive heat after a PCA SKIN peel.

The use of a daily sunscreen protector (SPF)is essential. 

Refrain from picking at any flaking skin as this could lead to hyper-pigmentation. 

Skip the tanning booths for at least 3 weeks before and after a treatment (our preference is always skip the tanning bed for the health of your skin). 

Delay scheduling other aesthetic treatments such as injections, Botox, threading, waxing, etc for at least one week following treatment in respect of the skin's sensitivity. 

Never hesitate to contact your expert PCA SKIIN technicians at LifeHope Healing Med Spa in Alpharetta.

We’re here to answer any questions that you might have. 


Should I Have a Peel If I Have Thin Skin? 

Thin, dry skin can actually make it difficult for your skincare products to properly penetrate through the skin therefore, receiving a PCA SKIN treatment will assist in exfoliating dead cell buildup, hydrating your skin, and creating a healthier glow. The benefits of your skin care products are much more effective once the superficial layer of dead skin

cells have been removed.

Will a Peel Irritate My Skin?

PCA SKIN peels don’t irritate most people. You may experience a mild tingling or slight sensation, but it will subside quickly.


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